Whitechapel Art Gallery

Whitechapel Art Gallery

You can find the Whitechapel Gallery in the Borough of Tower Hamlets in London, where it was founded in 1901.

It has a history of catering to the underprivileged. Bringing art and art education to the lower income classes. Its focus is mostly on temporary exhibitions and education. It is one of the first galleries to receive public funding in the area.

Though established in the early 1900's, the Whitechapel Art Gallery has played an important role in many artistic movements throughout the 20th Century and beyond. It was a major site of famous post-war exhibitions, such as This is Tomorrow (along with the ICA) and The New Generation. Especially during the 1950's and 1960's, this gallery helped define the artistic landscape. Whitechapel was a popular location for new exhibitions by rising artists. It is a gallery of huge historic significance, and it is more than worth of a visit for art-lovers who are in London.

What Kind of Famous Works Has Been Exhibited in Whitechapel?

Whitechapel played a role in the early Pop Art movement. It has been responsible for the exhibition of the work of some notable artists, including David Hockney, John Hoyland, Lucian Freud, and Jackson Pollock. It has even exhibited some of Pablo Picasso's work, such as the seminal Guernica in 1938 and works by famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Plus many others who had a hand in defining modern art, and whose works continue to influence contemporary art to this day.

If you plan to visit the gallery, note that exhibitions are changing, so be sure to check in advance what will be showing. Most of the time, the art will fall withing the range of modern and post-modern, and most of the work is contemporary material.

In addition to the art, there are also talks and events that you can go to that can help to enlighten you more about art. These can range from performance art events, bus tours, or even classes and symposiums that can help you with your own artistic technique.

When Can You Visit?

These days, the gallery is much larger than when it started. aAfter an extended refurbishment in the late 20th Century and early 21st Century, it is now open to visitors throughout the year. The gallery sees roughly half a million visitors. It is closed on Mondays, but besides that, it opens every day between 11 AM and 6 PM. As is common for art galleries and museums, it is open for an extra 3 hours on Thursdays.

The prices to visit the gallery vary based on what sort of event or exhibition you are looking to attend. The price hovers around 12 GBP, and will be relatively inexpensive. This is a non-profit gallery, so your ticket prices are essentially donations that support the arts.


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Whitechapel Gallery
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