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Haringey Art Galleries

Visitors of the Haringey area will be pleased to visit the different art galleries the borough has to offer.

Top art galleries in Haringey

James Freeman Gallery
James Freeman Gallery
354 Upper Street, N10PD

Art galleries you must visit in Haringey

Narenj Art Gallery
94 Alexandra Park Road, Muswell Hill London, N10 2AE
N10 2AE
020 3638 0101
Oxford Circus
Waterside Project Space
Unit 8, 44-48 Wharf Road
The Proud Archivist
2-10 Hertford Road N15ET
Parasol unit
14 Wharf Road N17RW
Victoria Miro Gallery
16 Wharf Road N17RW

More galleries from Haringey

Atom Gallery
77 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park London, N4 3EG
N4 3EG
Covent Garden
511 Seven Sisters Road, South Tottenham London, N15 6EP
N15 6EP
07473 759 391
Stamford Hill
Graham Fine Art
56 Crouch End Hill, Crouch End London, N8 8AA
N8 8AA
020 8341 2526
Parsons Green
27 Park Road, London, N8 8TE
N8 8TE
020 8347 7688
The Art Experience
183-185 Priory Road, Muswell Hill London, N8 8NB
N8 8NB
020 8340 9676
Willesden Green
The Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Tottenham Green Enterprise Centre Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham London, N15 4RX
N15 4RX
020 8365 5450

About Haringey

The borough of Haringey is towards the North of London, just South of Enfield.

It is a location of extremes, with both some of the wealthiest and some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. A landmark worth visiting is the mysterious Tower at Bruce Castle, it is a curious component of the castle complex because it is not entirely clear, even to this day, why it was built or what it's for. For some more history, visit the Mushroom House, an oddly-shaped building built in 1822.

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